You have probably skipped an "OK" button upon activation. Please try this:
  • 1 On a computer - go to your Facebook Settings
  • 2 Click "Apps"
  • 3 Remove RunnerScanner App
  • 4 Register again with your bib number - Carefully OK all permissions requested by Facebook
  • Did you register with your valid correct number?
  • Was your RunnerScanner tag visible to the photographers?
  • Did you give us enough time to upload all the photos to the system?
  • Did you register for your album / clip?
  • Did you allow our App to post photos to your Facebook page?
  • On big events we ususally process a hunders of thousands of photos. The lines may get longer - please give us some more time.
You have registered too many times. You don't have to do anything - just wait to get your photos. If you gave us a fair amount of time and still nothing - please [contact suppport]
Of course. We have flexible operation modes worldwide. Please [tell us about your event].